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Premium Quality E-Cu ZrCrCu Welding Contact Tip TWECO 1# MIG CO2 Gun Parts
Premium Quality E-Cu ZrCrCu Welding Contact Tip TWECO 1# MIG CO2 Gun Parts
Item No.: 14H40

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China

Brand Name: EASY WELD
Model Number: 14H40
Reference: TWECO 1# MIG CO2 welding gun
Material: E-Cu / CuCrZr
Package:  10pcs/pack, water-proof poly bag. 


Premium quality welding contact tip designed for use with TWECO 1# MIG CO2 welding gun 200~400Amp welding current.

Best used in high amperage or long duty cycle applications where higher tip temperatures will cause fast wear out of standard tips.

The material is including E-Cu or ZrCrCu.

Standard package is 10pcs/pack with water-proof poly bag. 

Our sample policy is charged for sample cost firstly, deduct from the total sum in following batch order. 
We provide OEM/ODM service with customer logo. Special design tailor made as per customer demanding also available.  
Declaration: EASY WELD is in no way affiliated with TWECO. The parts advertised for sale are not genuine  TWECO parts, but are parts made for and by EASY WELD. References to TWECO machines, torches, and numbers are for your convenience only. We reserve the right to substitute genuine TWECO parts in place of EASY WELD parts.
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